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Flossing Teeth Tutorial Video - LivingArt Dentistry

We recommend hygiene visits, at either of our Manhattan or Brooklyn locations, every three to four months in order to remove the harmful bacteria that lead to irreversible bone loss and chronic gum problems. A consistent approach to hygiene will ensure you a lifetime of optimal dental health!

Your Hygiene appointment will include a set of baseline low radiation x-rays, intraoral photographs, and extraoral photographs to examine and discuss your smile goals.

A thorough cleaning will be completed by our hygienist with the use of an ultrasonic scaling tool to break up hardened tartar which causes bleeding and discomfort in our gums.

Your hygienist will discuss recommendations to achieve healthy gums and teeth by demonstrating ideal flossing techniques (as discussed in the video here) and brushing recommendations based on your needs. She is open to answering any questions you may have regarding correcting the alignment of your teeth and any discomfort in your gums.