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Benefits of crown placement:

  • Helping strengthen a heavily-restored tooth to prevent future fracture
  • Restoring loss of tooth structure from heavy grinding
  • Improving tooth aesthetics
  • Relieving pain from any damage or fractures

Your crown may be completed in two visits

Appointment 1:

At your first appointment at LivingArt Dentistry in Manhattan, we will administer full local anesthesia for the tooth being treated. Dr. Levingart will then prepare the tooth conservatively (1.5 to 2mm) to create room for the ceramic or porcelain crown.

After careful assessment of the shape and contour, a 3d scan or impression of the affected tooth will be taken. This putty will allow the lab ceramist to create and calibrate a custom crown that looks and feels like your natural tooth.

A temporary crown is created, polished, and cemented. During the next two weeks, you’ll want to avoid sticky foods near the treated tooth, so the temporary crown stays put.

If the temporary crown comes off, try to replace it as fast as possible, and come visit us at our office to replace it. The purpose of temporary crowns is to protect you from sensitivity and keep the gums from rolling over the prepared margins of the tooth.

Appointment 2:

During your second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the final porcelain crown will be tried and examined for perfection. We will take a dental X-ray to ensure quality fit and aesthetic approval. An adhesive is then applied to the tooth and cement will be luted onto the interior of the porcelain crown. Any excess cement will be removed. You’ll be provided with all the necessary instructions to take proper care of your new crown!