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The Journey

In the beginning, it was a struggle. Dr. Bela and Dr. Garry had a handful of their own patients, but they had to work in other dental offices to make ends meet. They never gave up their dream of having a successful practice of their own.

“It was joyful,” said Dr. Bela. “It was difficult at times.”

One patient at a time, they built their practice slowly by talking to people. And over time, people began to gravitate toward them and their office.

“We are two genuine people. And I always thought that was very important,” said Dr. Garry.

And their instincts were right. Thirty years later, the doctors have two warm and welcoming offices in New York City and Brooklyn with an abundant array of services.

Dr. Bela and Gary Levingart - LivingArt Dentistry


When you’re as enthusiastic as Dr. Bela and Dr. Garry are about continued education in your field, the list of services your office offers grows. Their offerings are truly impressive, from cleanings, teeth whitening, and Invisalign to digital and laser dentistry.

Keeping Relationships Central

Although both Dr. Bela and Dr. Garry are leading professionals in advanced certifications and passionate about cutting-edge technology, they still put their relationships with their patients and each other first. They began their practice by connecting with people, and this tradition of communication has continued all these years later.

“Some patients drop by just to catch up – to see how we are doing,” said Dr. Bela. “We love that they will show up just to say hi.”

Perhaps this is because kindness is at the heart of all they do. Dr. Garry puts himself in his patients’ shoes – or, to be more specific, the dental chair. “Every person who comes through our doors is important. I want them to feel that. It’s important that they feel cared for while in the dentist chair and that their individual needs are met.”

The close relationships Dr. Bela and Dr. Garry have with their patients sometimes result in amusing exchanges.

“Recently, we were in Miami walking down a street, and out of nowhere, one of our patients stopped us!” said Dr. Bela. “He said: ‘Oh! You’re my dentist! I’ll call you when I’m back in New York.’” Even out-of-town patients are eager to approach them.

Dr. Bela and Dr. Garry have only gotten closer through the years. And now, to Dr. Bela’s delight, thanks to their work with implants, they get to work together more often now.